Experience The Best Online Tax Return Services

We understand that tax issues can be complex and overwhelming, and we are here to provide you the best online tax return services, including PAGY tax return, ABN tax return, investment property, capital gains and more.

Individual Online Tax Return

Our team has over ten years of professional tax return experience. We understand that doing tax returns can be a complicated process for most people, especially if you have just arrived in Australia or have recently graduated and started working - your first tax return is sure to be confusing. With this in mind, we developed the TAX123 online tax return platform to help you easily complete your tax return in the most time-efficient and effortless way possible.

In addition, we also offer other complementary personal tax services and tools, including.

ABN Online Tax Return

If you work as an Uber driver, delivery person or sole trader, our online tax return system can also provide you with the most convenient and fast online tax return services. If you have GST activated, we can also offer BAS Report services.

If you have recently arrived in Australia or have just started your business without registering it yet, don't worry. We can help complete all the necessary business registration procedures for you. Our services including:

Other Services

If you have some investment activities, such as coin/cryptocurrency, investment properties, or stocks, you're probably wondering whether our online tax return system covers these types of investments. Yes! Our online system is designed to accommodate all common tax return scenarios. Simply follow guidance of our system and upload relevant details, then we will handle the rest for you.