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What You Need to Know About the Stage 3 Tax Cuts and Your Tax Return

Content What is Stage3 Tax Cuts Summary of proposed changes Tax cut calculator Claiming a deduction for travel expense Beginning on July 1st, most Australian taxpayers will see reductions in their tax obligations thanks to the stage 3 tax cuts. By lowering marginal rates of income tax, particularly for middle-income earners, these tax changes aim […]

Why can’t claim commuting costs as travel expense in tax return?

The key reason is that under Australian tax law, normal trips between home and your regular place of work are considered private commuting travel expense rather than work-related travel. In this article, I will introduce the right way to claim a deduction for transport expenses in tax return. Content Claiming a deduction for transport expenses […]

Why overseas student can’t claim self-education deduction in tax return?

As a tax agency that has been in operation for over ten years, we handle a large volume of tax return cases every year. We have seen a lot of common mistakes made by younger taxpayers, for example, international students incorrectly claiming for self-education deduction.  Content Requirements of self-education deduction A Requirement Behind the Rules […]