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Capital Gains Tax Calculator – How to Calculate CCG Tax

To calculate capital gains tax, you can use our capital gains tax calculator blow: If you want to calculate by hand, here are the steps: Keep records of purchase and sale dates/prices, incidental costs, and the asset’s description. Consult the TAX123 if you’re unsure. Proper calculations help you maximize deductions and avoid tax trouble down […]

What Happens If You Lodge Your Tax Return Late in Australia(late tax return)

What are the penalties of late tax return? While the tax return deadline may seem a long way off, it’s important to be aware of the consequences of filing late in Australia. The ATO takes lodging on time very seriously – here’s what can happen if you miss the due date: Late tax return Penalty […]

What is capital gains tax in Australian tax return?

Start Tax Return Now! TAX SEASON COMES What is capital gains tax? In Australia, capital gains tax (CGT) is a tax imposed on the profits made from the sale or disposal of certain assets. It is the tax applied to the capital gain, which is the difference between the sale price of the asset and […]