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How Much Tax Will I Pay on a Second Job in Australia?

Taking on a part-time or casual second job can be a good way to earn additional income. However, it’s important to understand how this extra money affects your tax obligations for the year. Let’s look closer at how earnings from a second job are taxed in Australia. Tax Treatment: Both your primary employment and secondary […]

Why you owe ATO money after submitting tax return

“Why do I owe the ATO money after submitting tax return?” That is a common question that our client ask after submitting tax return. Here are some key reasons why: By law in Australia, you must pay any outstanding tax due by the relevant lodgment due date, even if paid in installments. Filing accurately helps […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Tax Return in Australia

As a newcomer to Australia, filing your first tax return here can feel daunting. This guide will explain the basics of the Australian tax system and tax return process to help you successfully lodge your return. In Australia, individual taxpayers are required to lodge a personal tax return each financial year (1 July to 30 […]